Maria Pureza Escaño's "Ode to the Father" Traveling Art Exposition

Painting with the Soul

To quote the art critic Fionna McBride of The Art Catalyst ,  Maria Pureza Escaño’s works are

“Pure, unassuming, soulful, her works give the viewer a glimpse of life’s simple but profound essences. What we like about Maria’s art is that it reminds  us of what real art should be. Her art do not seek to impress through painstakingly studied techniques but are nevertheless impressive  because they seem to spring spontaneously from an irrepressively hopeful heart. Viewing her work rewards one’s soul with new inspirations to see beauty in even the most ordinary of life’s occurences. And we leave with our spirits refreshed eager to see the way her heart’s eye sees the beauty of life’s moments.” (The Art Catalyst – New York, July 14, 2009). 

Maria Pureza Escaño’s early works are characterized by impressionist influences which were ranked at par with the great American Impressionists (Designtaxi, January 28, 2009). Her growing reputation in the global art scene as a notable figurative and surreal artist followed after the phenomenal success of her two shows at New York’s prestigious Ico Gallery (curated by Skylor Brummans) in March and April 2009. These were followed by numerous invitations to exhibit from galleries here in the country and in the art capitals of the world. 

Maria Pureza Escaño is a self-taught artist from Sariaya, Quezon. She started painting at the age of nine after seeing a coffeetable book on the French Impressionists. She sources her inspiration from having grown up in Sariaya, with its landscapes both colorful and dreamy and its culture rich and vibrant with its Fil-Hispanic-American infusions. 

After obtaining a degree in English Literature she worked as a freelance writer and creative consultant for various magazines and organizations and became creative director of a design firm in Makati City.  

Poet/artist Dalia Chako, owner of  Ico Gallery, says of her art : “We think Escaño’s works have a unique sensitivity and delicate nature with an angelic perspective that we find very appealing. She makes us think of faraway worlds and beautiful dreams.” 

Escaño’s well-received figurative art are characterized by soulful and lighthearted subjects and scenes which are reminiscent of her classical and impressionist exposure while her surreal art features evocative dreamscapes in vibrant patches of colors either in languid almost sinuous brushstrokes or in geometric stained-glass-looking shapes – a style uniquely her own yet universal
in appeal. 

She has exhibited with international artists Blake Ward, Jon Boe Paulsen, Jean Dortch, Ned Martin, Kaiser Kamal, Davor Vukovic, Tedd Barr and Keith Morant among others.

Maria Pureza Escano is the commissioned artist of a mural “Beachcombers of the Cebu Channel” which now hangs at the lobby of the new Japanese-owned   Mariners’ Court in Cebu. Just recently she has been commissioned to paint four other artists for the same company to hang at their new hotel in Davao. 

Maria Pureza Escano, through her Ode to the Father exhibits, is helping raise funds for the Scholarship of Hope, a scholarship for the children of "the poorest of the poor" of the Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community which was inspired by Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. For more information regarding this project please check

Recently. Maria Pureza Escano's works were handpicked by the Artistic Committee of Trevisan International Art and were exhibited at the International Art Exposition from October 23 - 31, 2010 at the Castelo d' Este in Ferrara, Italy. She is now a member of the prestigious TIA organization, a select group of global artists who enjoy full representation and exhibition opportunities in key cities throughout Europe.

To quote Italian curator, Paola Trevisan, Escano's works were handpicked for this important event for their "vitality, experimentation, multi-colored yet harmonious pattern, freedom of thought, purity of expression and, above all, the creative energy of life... We are fascinated by her personal and powerful art research where the interaction of spaces, form and color connection create such intense emotional results able to go beyond the physical limitations of the canvas."

Italian art critic Michela Turra says of Escano: "... this painter never spares herself in her art; on the contrary, she investigates with true sincerity the many aspects of living, specially those closer to the feminine, showing great ability in her figurative art in her representation of the body, but also expressing herself masterfully in wider interpretations, precisely those of a sumbolic and surreal nature."

According to Raoul de Sauveterre of Art Today-Paris, Escano's art is "a breath of fresh air into the abstract-dominated international art scene" and " never only about exposition of skill but are songs of her soul sung as freely and as candidly as birdsong. De Sauveterre further states that "what makes her work exemplary is their light and soul, the underlying elements in the physical work which draw powerful affective responses from the spectator, opening up to him the many vistas and landscape of the human emotion."

Although very active in her artistic endeavors, Maria Pureza Escano does not see herself as a professional artist.  

“I do not see art as work. It is rather an answer to that need in my soul to reproduce how I see things with my heart’s eye… the need to hold something raw and use it to express how the wonderful things in God’s good earth move me. Art is my praise to God.” (Reprinted from Ico Gallery, July 2009 Catalogue)

Maria Pureza Escano is also a published writer. She writes regularly for Art and Culture of Manila Bulletin's Sense and Style.
Recent Exhibits:

“New Motions of the Figure”
March, 8 – 29, 2009
Ico Gallery, Tribeca, New York 

“Buhay at Biyaya”
March 15 – April 3, 2009
Sining Kamalig Gallery
Gateway Mall, Quezon City

May 5 - 29, 2009
Ico Gallery, Tribeca, New York 

“The Sacredness of Life”
July 17 – August 4,
The FPOP Building,
New Manila, Quezon City 

International Festival for Culture and the Arts
August 7 – 14, 2009
Gallery Svardson
Rodby, Denmark 

“Sa Amin May Sining”
August, 2009
GSIS Museum of Art 

“When I Grow Up”
October, 2009
Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Creative Energy
October 23-28, 2010
Castelo Estense, Ferrara, Italy

On-going Exhibit:
“Ode to the Father” (A One-Man Show)
A traveling exhibit

On the Works:

A set of 3 x 4 feet paintings commissioned by the All Japan Seamens’ Union to hang at their new hotel in Davao. This is the second mural commissioning by the company. The first mural commissioned is now hanging at the lobby of Mariners’ Court in Cebu. 

Planning Committee: “Strokes for Hope”, One World One Art International’s Goodwill Tour to be launched in New York in 2011.
OWOA is an organization of artists from all over the world who supports each other. This traveling exhibit is a statement show for world peace. 

Represented by:

Ico Gallery, Chelsea, New York,
Sining Kamalig Gallery, Gateway Mall;
ARTASIA, SM Megamall 
and Miss Bess Zamora (09189183102)