Maria Pureza Escaño's "Ode to the Father" Traveling Art Exposition


Maria Pureza 'Puchette' Escano
To God be the glory!!! 

It was only through His love and beneficence that this humble artist is able to paint and it is only through his grace that I was led to offer all the works that He has inspired to the Scholarship of Hope to benefit the children of the “poorest of the poor.” 

With the way God’s will unfolded as regards this exhibit, I believe that God has planned Ode to the Father a long time ago. How else can one explain my physical and spiritual healing? How else can one explain that I now have a good man for a husband and two beautiful children? How else can one explain that despite the brokenness of my past, I am now able to paint? And not only that, despite the fact that I had no formal training in the arts and despite our lack of finances at that time, He brought me to New York so I can exhibit there with the greats. And when I got back here to our country, He led me not to use the mileage I have gained in NY towards seeking fame and fortune but  to serve Him. 

Yet, it has been a long and steep climb towards organizing this event, in bringing this offering to Him.  It was like I was climbing a steep mountain with my works on my back towards an altar on top of a mountain to lay them before God. And I realized through that climb that it was not only the paintings He wanted me to offer. It was also the way, the manner by which I will bring these offerings to Himthat He wanted me to give to Him. He has done away with flimsy human plans and let His own plan for Ode to the Father be known. And His way is simple but infinitely more beautiful and meaningful. 

And so I praise and thank Him for His wisdom.  

And I praise and thank Him for all the people whom He has sent along the way who guided, supported and inspired me to trudge on, to seek His light specially in the darkest and most hopeless of hours when the road was specially arduous and steep.  

I praise and thank God for my husband, Rad whose love has always been behind me through everything. I praise and thank God for my two children who brings me so much joy and inspiration.  

I thank God for Archbishop Lagdameo who has planted the seed of the Scholarship of Hope. Through God’s grace, it is now growing on fertile soil. We now have a total of four works sold and that was even before the launching. Praise God! Praise God indeed!  (At present, there are a total of eight original works sold out of the sixteen donated works.)

I thank the Lord for Jason Asistores, who has turned my prayer of praise into the song that we have just heard and for Nika Espinosa’s lovely voice who made it come alive. Thank you also to the Singles Praise Ministry for performing the song with them. 

I would also like to thank the ECSL, the DCS,  Tita Koi, my loving and faithful shepherd and Tito Jojo Jalandoni. And I would like to thank specially the BLD-Gawad Kalinga who has been the legs and arms of the Ode to the Father Exhibit, Tito Ric and Tita Rizza  Pascua and yes, my tireless friend Tita Marivikk Vinas who has devoted her time and talent so generously for this undertaking. It was her birthday yesterday but she and Tito Joey spent the greater part of the day working with us here at LRI.  

I also would like to thank Tito Wing and Tita Baby Aguila. It is very difficult being an orphan but in this community, the BLD, I have found my second parents in those two people. And I praise and thank God for them. 

And yes, I would like to thank Smart, the sponsor of this event, and Tito Mar and Tita Jo Tamayo who has made this sponsorship possible. 

And to the entire Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community. Thank you for your prayers. This offering is not mine alone, but ours. And I have faith that through you and the GK Ministry, we shall move the hearts of many to contribute towards the fulfillment of the goals of the Ode to the Father Traveling Exposition and the Scholarship of Hope.  

This is the part in an exhibit where the artist is supposed to say something about his or her art. But I do not have any complicated philosophies about my subject or the style of work that I do. My art is my way of answering that need in my soul to reproduce how I see things with my heart’s eye, that need to hold something raw and turn and use it to express how the wonderful things in God’s good earth move me. My art is my praise to God, He is my Muse and my Inspiration. 

I hope that you will find joy and inspiration in my humble works to follow your own creative yearnings. Life is beautiful. And we are all gifted in different ways to share the wonder of God’s creation. Let us be co-creators of His love, light, joy and beauty. Let His name ring true and wonderful through the way we live our lives and in the works of our hands. 

God bless this exhibit. God bless the Scholarship of Hope. God bless all the children of the world who need our love and  stewardship and God bless every child within us all. 

Have a nice evening, everyone.