Maria Pureza Escaño's "Ode to the Father" Traveling Art Exposition

The People Behind the Song

Jason Leo Asistores

Jason Leo Asistores claims that music is in his blood. "Music runs in our family. Most of my cousins from my father's side have been professional musicians at one time or another, and my brother Noel continues to be a musician by profession to this day." Though a licensed physician, Jason feels that he is a musician at heart.  Since 2003, Jason has written music and played the keyboards for the independent band, Makopa, apart from also being the keyboardist in the Singles' Ministry of the Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenenant Community. When asked how he feels about participating in this project, Jason says this was "a truly humbling experience...when Ate Puchette called me up to be a part of this, I felt truly blessed with an opportunity to offer whatever small talent I have back to the Lord, from whom all good things come. I'm no professional composer, but the music I wrote for Ode to the Father is my offering to Him, and is as sincere as it can get. My only wish is that the song will bless those who will hear it as much as the experience of writing the music has blessed me."


Nina Katarina Espinosa


Nina Katarina Espinosa, or "Nika", has always had a passion for music, and she decided to pursue that passion during college when she started singing onstage and in public.  As a musician, she is the vocalist for the independent band, Makopa, and has recently joined 6:33, a vocal group in a local Christian church in Ortigas, GCF.  Upon receiving this opportunity, she immediately felt blessed. "There's nothing like singing for the Lord, our God.  I hope a lot of people will also feel blessed by the work we have done, and come to praise Him! Everything for God's glory!" Nika is also a full-time teacher, and uses most of her personal time to continuously share her God-given talent with others.