Maria Pureza Escaño's "Ode to the Father" Traveling Art Exposition

Ode to the Father

written by Maria Pureza Escano
arranged by Jason Leo Asistores

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I shall call you "my God"
and I shall be your child
For You have fathered for me
        a new life,
        sweet and brilliant,
        fertle, happy
        and free...

When I was before
A tired and broken spirit
With eyes hooded with
        a thousand sorrows
              for long-forgotten dreams,
              for songs unsung,
              for verses unwritten,
              for figures unformed
              for a life unlived...

I shall cal You "My God"
And I shall be Your child
For inexplicably, You have
              claimed me,
              conquerred me with Your Power,
              wooed me with Your Beauty,
              and loved me with the Love
                      o Him whom You sent...

That now, I, in bliss can see you
              in a ripple in Your river,
              a wildflower in Your meadows,
                    a tree, a bird, a newborn
              and in an arrow of Your light,
                                elegant rain...

I shall call You "My God"
And I shall be Your child
For when You called
              I came
              and it was
              coming Home.

In 2005 in a garden at her hometown, Puchette Escano penned a poem which she titled "Ode to the Father." In this poem she talks to God of the comparison between the old life and the new and her gratefulness to Him for bringing about that change. Wrtten in free verse, comprised only of simple words, the poem is a prayer of deep affirmation, of humble acquissence and joyful acceptance of the truth of God's Love. It was God's presence which brings beauty in everything around her and, consequently, empowers her to be creative.

This poem serves as the foundation of the Ode to the Father exposition with each verse being represented by an atwork. This poem was made into a song by Jason Asistores of the BLD Singles Praise Ministry who gave it a simple melody which reflects the raw and candid spirit in which it was written. Nika Espinosa's dulcet yet powerful voice brought the soul of the song to life.
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