Maria Pureza Escaño's "Ode to the Father" Traveling Art Exposition

What is the Ode?

'God's love is my Muse and Inspiration.'

Ode to the Father is a retrospective of Maria Pureza Escano's paintings spanning the years 2001-2010. Done in her signature figurative and surreal styles, the collection is the artist's reflection of her search, discovery and affirmation of the True Name of the Source which moves her to create and  the preeminent inspiration behind her works. In the Ode to the Father exhibit the paintings embody a prayer with the same title. This prayer is her thanksgiving to God, the Almighty, the Prime Mover and Ultimate Muse of her art. 

The pieces in the collection are experimentations of Escano's varying styles in realism, impressionsm and surrealism and were executed in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

In order to reach a wide audience, the Ode to Father exhibition was designed as a traveling exposition which will visit different locations in the country and abroad during the year 2010.